39 weeks pregnant mother

Light coloured blood like discharge in 38th week..and light pain like periods.Is it normal?

Plz consult doctor immediately and get ready for delivery. Bleeding is not normal and cud be signs of delivery.
Same thing happened with me this month. My LMP .was 10 dec and I delivered baby boy on 11 dec
No its not nrml u shuld cnslt ur gync
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Question: Blood with discharge in my 38th week
Answer: Hi,this is the sign of labor.During this week there is mucus plug discharge ,with this you can notice a tinch of blood which is normal.thisbus the sign that your body is preparing nfor the labor .
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Question: Is white water like discharge is normal in 38th week?? or is it a symptom of labour
Answer: Its nrmal if it is in less amount .in last mnths of pregnancy it increases bt if u feel that nw its at higher amnt then consult ur doctr
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Question: abdomenal cramp and light blood like mucuous discharge since yesterday. please tell is it normal or something to worry about
Answer: but I do not have back pain as people say labour pain starts from back to front. I am having cramps like period
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