5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: HCG levels are tripling is normal in early pregnancy

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Question: Hi My wife's HCG levels are 6860 in the 6th week. Is that normal?
Answer: Hi Dear! HCG level at 6 weekd can be 1080+56,500 MIU/DL.hence its fine.. Good luck!
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Question: Hcg levels are not doubling
Answer: When the hCG level is increasing butnot doubling at least every three days, this may be a warning sign of an impending miscarriage, but notnecessarily. ... If your hCG levels are increasing but not doubling in early pregnancy, your doctor will likely monitor your pregnancy more closely. All the best and stay positive.
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Question: I'm 6 weeks pregnant. My hcg levels are below 300. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi Dear, it is on lower side... but anything above 25 is considered pregnant... and then hcg should increase than last test level.. repeat test after 48 hrs.... it should double the number or say be should be on higher side... so it is better to test...
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