17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Level scan report BPD 5.19 cm 21wsd and AC 14.9mm FL/AC 22.6 EFBW .35g +_59g HC 19.5cm 21 wsd FL 20 wsd HC/AC 1.31 level 2 scanning is it normal

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Answer: Pls reply me .35g+_56gEFNW
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Question: level 2 scan report bpd-48mm hc-176mm ac-148mm fl-34mm afi-12 efw-344gm cl-35mm please tell if its normal ga-20 weeks 3 days
Answer: Dear report shows that all the things are in normal range .. at 21 weeks all good Take care
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Question: 21 weeks 4 days pregnant BPD : 5.2 cm HC:19.6 cm. AC:16.9cm FL 3.4 cm EFW 429 gms ..this is my scan report it is ok
Answer: Is scan ka kya name h ..?
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