15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: level 2 and anomaly both r same?

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Answer: Level 2 scan done in 4th month
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Question: Anomaly scan and obstetric scan both r same?
Answer: Dear obstetric scan is done in initial week of pregnancy to see the baby and anomaly scan is done during 18-20 week of pregnancy to see if there is any abnormalities in the growing baby..
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Question: Hello doctor .....what is the difference between anomaly scan and level 2 scan and which time is good for both ?
Answer: Hi, anamoly scan is also called Tiffa scan and or level 2 scan which is a very important scan during the second trimester . this helps to monitor the babies growth babies fetal movements and also if there is any abnormalities in the baby or if there is certain birth defects in the baby
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Question: Hi is anamoly scan and B-mold ultrasound scan both r same r different??
Answer: Hello dear i have not listened about B mold scan before. The anomaly scan is a detailed ultrasound scan that looks at your baby’s body and observes the position of the placenta, the umbilical cord, the amniotic fluid around your baby, and your uterus and your cervix. An anomaly scan is performed in the second trimester, usually at around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.
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Question: Is Anomaly scan and level 2 scan are same???
Answer: Hello! Yes, both the scan are same. The radiologist studies the different body parts of the baby for the abnormalities if any. In short it is a detailed study of the baby done. Take care
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