21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Length of cervix is 30.7 mm is it ok

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Answer: Yes it is OK.... If it reduces to 25mm u need to take stitches for cervix. But now don't worry be happy and take rest
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    Rupa Chettri172 days ago

    Consult your gynecologist

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Question: I have a short cervix of 2.3 mm. It should be atleast 2.5 mm. My doctor has recommend me progesterone. Please let me know is there anything to worry? I am little concerned.
Answer: Hi during pregnancy normal cervical length should be 3-4cm.if it is less than 2.5 or at 2.5 called as short cervix.it is also known as cervical incompetence.it opens during labor or before preparation of labour.so please be on complete bed rest.better your foot should be elevated.better to avoid intercourse till delivery.sometimes it may cause preterm labour.so please take care
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Question: watery motion in 4week of pregnancy.... is it ok?
Answer: Dear loose motion r due to seasonal or stomatch infection so consult to ur dr take loose motion medicine as ur dr suggest u take A glass of lukewarm water add two teaspoons apple cider vinegar nd 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix it and take i try it and get relief .u can try it alao .coconut water, banana ,buttermilk nd 8 to 10 glass water daily too soak th fenugreek seeds in water for about 15 minutes. Grind them to a fine paste and mix in a glass of water to consume.You can also reduce dried fenugreek seeds to powder using a blender.Add the powder to a glass of water and drink.
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Question: Normal cervix length at 6 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Normal cervical length is around 20 mM to 40 MM if it is less than 25 MM then it is called short cervix . In this caw you need cervical stitch .
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