29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Leaking colostrum from only right side brest. Is this normal

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Answer: Once you conceive your breast also undergoes certain changes, and it is very normal to have leakage of colostrum from breast. Notify your doctor on visit
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Question: Colostrum is leaking from the left side breast. Is there any problem in the right side?
Answer: Hi don't worry it's normal during pregnancy as breast undergoes changes due to hormones and also start for the production of milk to provide for your little so its normal of leaking of colostrum during pregnancy so don't worry it's normal. Take care
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Question: colostrum is leaking at this stage it is normal?
Answer: Hello Ur breasts are getting ready to feed ur baby so the leaking colostrum is very as it's the first nutrious milk ur baby will receive. Just make sure u use breast pads as it can stain ur bra and clothes.
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Question: Colosseum is leaking from only left side breast. Is there any problem on the right side?
Answer: Hi... Don't worry if u are not getting colostrum in right side but it’s still being generated in your breasts. If you’d like, you can try gently squeezing your areola to see if you can express a few drops.
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