30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lateral ventricle size is 9mm- 10mm.is there any problem

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Question: Is there any problem in frequent urination
Answer: Hiie dear when baby grow uterus also grow its puts pressure on urinary bladder that why urine comes again nd again .nothing to worry abht its common .so take plenty of liquids nd water too
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Question: I'm 21week pregnant and today's undergo anamoly scan ultrasound and found that one kidney i.e right kidney size is 9mm and left kidney size is 5mn suggest me what can I do to solve this problem
Answer: Check with your doctor. Based on other things from your report doctor full suggest further course of action. In some cases no treatment will be needed.
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Question: I have watery white discharge ....is there any problem?
Answer: no dear getting white discharge is absolutely normal in pregnancy this happens because of the increased blood circulation level so don't worry
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