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Question: 9days late periods and negative pregnancy test. Checked with gynaec today. She put some gel on my belly and looked at monitor and said nothing. And asked me to do hcg blood test. Report will be coming by tomorrow. Any idea anyone.m I pregnant or not

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Answer: Hello dear. Nothing should be visible in scan at such an early stage. Wait for the report tomorrow as if the value is above 25 then it would be positive for pregnancy. All the best. Hope it helps.
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Question: 9days late periods, negative pregnancy test. Visited gynaec today. She applied some lotion on my belly and looked at monitor and said nothing is there and asked me to do hcg beta test Report has come just now and result is <1.20 Please suggest.what does it mean M I pregnant. Or do I have to wait for more days. I think 9days are enough to show the positivity. But my period has not come yet.
Answer: U have to wait 2 weeks from your missed period date to get accurate pregnancy results.
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Question: My LMP was 12jan 9days late period, negative pregnancy test. Visited gynaec today and had blood test HCG SUBNIT (MATERNAL): <1.20 mIU/mL Please let me know if I pregnant or not by seeing the results.
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately you are not pregnant.beta HCG levels needs to be atleast 25 to have successful pregnancy.
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Question: Today in glucose tolerance test my blood sugar levels are 149mg.doc said sugar is more in the blood and asked to perform fasting blood sugar test tomorrow. I am tensed, pls suggest me
Answer: Hey don't blood sugar level was 174 in the gct one hour test and i was asked to have fasting blood sugar and three tests after having glucose each hour apart....and my result came don't get tensed...test it..!
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