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Question: Last periods on 23rd is 26 october ...we r in relationship from 2september till 12 as doctor advised me this tym m feeling back pain, fatigue,acidity ....m i pregnant or when i can take home pregnancy test??

Answer: Hello Dear yu need to wait minimum ten days after yur missed period to get accurate results. Then on eleventh day morning do yur pregnancy test with prefarbaly morning first urine to get correct results. Till then eat healthy be positive n rest as much as possible. Take care
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Question: My last period was on 23rd october.... Now we are planning... When i should take test after missing period
Answer: Hi dear u should take test with ur morning urine after 5 days of missed period and if u get two red line then u r pregnant. After getting positive result do visit doctor for the final status and guidance.
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Question: My last periods was on 23 september ...i tired to concieve in that month after periods i felt strong back pain for near about 2..3 days nd periods not come on this 23rd october ....m i pregnant or when i can take home pregnancy test ??
Answer: If u had intercourse in your fertile days then there is a chance to be pregnant.... Me too experienced strong back pain before my positive pregnancy take a home pregnancy test...dont drink too much water in the night while planning to take test next day...better to test with first urine in the morning....hope this helped...good luck
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Question: My LMP was 23rd September till Saturday i was getting feeling of vomit tiedness. Yesterday i checked home pregnancy test it was negative
Answer: Hello dear If u already checked with pregnancy kit and it is showing negative. It means that u are not pregnant but have missed ur periods and it might be due to various reasons such as stress,travelling or some hormonal change. Better u consult ur doctor
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