2 months old baby

Question: Last night I noticed small drops of blood coming out from my vagina. Why does this happen?

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Question: Hai, I am 32 week pregnant, today morning I noticed few drops of blood coming from my nose ( left side). Why I am getting like this
Answer: Hi.. Dear when blood vessels expand then there is increase in blood pressure, which lead to bleeding nostrils. There is nothing to worry. Still, whenever, you see your gynaecologist next, inform about it.
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Question: My baby girl is 6 days old and from last two days small drops of blood is been released from her vagina. Why is it so?
Answer: Please check your baby's vagina for any bruises or infection. Also look out for other symptoms like fever, is she passing her urine as required, does she cry while passing urine, dies she has pain somewhere. Also please visit the doctor of it does not stop. Clean her vagina with warm water.
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Question: Very small drops of blood coming while urinate.is this normal?
Answer: Small drops of blood is common in pregnancy if you fine blood clots and pain in abdomen rush to doc immediately
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