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Question: Last month I used premoult n for 1week from 17to 24th nov to postpone my period. Then I got period on 27th Nov. We had an unprotected intercourse between 10th to 16thday of my period as we were planning to children. My menstrual cycle starts for 25days nd regular. But till now I didn't get period. My query is, delay in period is bcz of premoult n tab, which I used in last month, r did I got pregnancy?

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Question: My last period had june 10th....actually i want to postpond my period,because/ having family ceremony... can i take any medicine to delay my periods during breastfeeding???
Answer: Hi dear, during breastfeeding it is better to avoid taking any hormonal medicine to postpone your menstrual period premolute N is widely used medicine for this and not safe during lactation.
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Question: My lmp were on 28 to 3 of nov after that i used i pill on 11 of nov and last time we both were together after 13 to 21 so what would be my pregnancy date most probably
Answer: Hi dear ur pregnancy is calculated as per ur last mensuration date . So don't get worried. If u get positive indication of pregnancy then count 40 week from ur last mensuration period.
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Question: Last month I used premoult n tab 17th to 24th Nov, postpone my period
Answer: Hi dear if u r thinking to plan pregnancy den I will not suggest u to take such medicine without doctor concern. This may affect ur harmones.
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