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Question: Last month I had 51 days cycle length.period being on 22 Nov as day 1 And after that no period on December month and period started on 12 jan as next period day 1. Total 51 days long cycle. I had intercourse on 26th Jan ,27th Jan , 28th Jan considering my ovulation day of day 15,16,17 Was i correct on my calculations for ovulation day. Normally I had normal 30 days cycle but in December month I had taken unwanted 72 twice in a month. Please suggest

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Answer: 1nenbaqqnee nhn4
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Question: how can we calculate ovulation period? Normally my period cycle comes between 28th day to 30th day .. and some times between 26th day to 28th day if i have any strain or tension..
Answer: Hi dear if you have regular 28 30 days cycle then ovulation period will be in between 10th to 17th day of your cycle. Your body will give you some indication of ovulation like mild pain in your breast or mild pelvic cramps and liquid discharge or discharge of mucus. Doing intercourse in this period will increase your chances of pregnancy but yes you mean not get success within 12 months don't be disheartend, keep trying.
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Question: hi....I had c sec on 27th Jan...I had bleeding for 20 to 22 days...than it stopped....when will my period cycle starts again...
Answer: After delivery periods become irregular when it happen again no body can tell. Many women experience irregular periods when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is driven by the release of hormones and those hormones can make your periods unpredictable. Its takes some time to regulate your periods.
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Question: Hi i got periods on 26th jan and got over on 30th jan ,when will be my ovulation day,when will my fertile days starts
Answer: Woild you please say your period circle then only can say. If it is 28circle gou will get ovulation on feb 9
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