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Question: Last month I got period on 10th for two days and it was brown in color and today I got a dark spot...still have 5 days in my periods date so can anyone tell what does that mean.

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Answer: I think it's pcod problem better to consider doctor for scanning
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Question: Hi am planning to get pregnant my last period was 10th July but again 22july I got some brown discharge is happening is there any concerns on it. Bcoz after my periods again am getting brown spotting so
Answer: Dear, what is your cycle length. if your menstrual cycle length is of 25 to 30 days then you can expect your fertile period ovulation time in between 10th to 17th day of the cycle. some women experience mild bleeding or spotting during ovulation period because of hormonal changes. As you are planning for pregnancy you should check with ovulation test kit the day of onvulation &should do intercourse continuously 3 days from that day. Hope that will help. All the best dear 👍😊.
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Question: I got my period on 10th July just for two days and it was dark brownish in color...and I m trying for it a positive sign??
Answer: Yes can be a symptom of pregnancy if u are planning for Pregnancy but nothing can be said until u do ur pregnancy, pleaae wait till ur next period date and if u miss it then please check ur Pregnancy one week post u missed ur period...take care
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Question: I had my last periods on Jun 9th and got period today the cycle was 45 days .. previously it was 30 days cycle ... Is there any way to regulate the cycle .. or is it Any problem in the body. Anyone faced same issue .. thought I was pregnant but got my period today 🙁😟
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry for late periods unless until the situation is repeated. Few hormonal and mental Stress might lead to menstrual disturbances. Plz do physical activity regularly. Check your weight.
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