5 months old baby

Question: Last MC date is 8th Jan, Today is 19th Feb Yet not came MC to me, but white discharging to me.... So plz suggest me or what is the reason.

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Answer: It's more than 8 days ones u missed your period.. Plz do pregnant test.. now it will show accurate result.. good luck Hope this answer will help you
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Question: 10 th cycle day white discharging is so smell what is the reason it is good or bad
Answer: Hello! White discharge with mild smell is common and nothing to worry. But if there is irritation or bad odour, then it could be due to infection. Please in such case ,consult the doctor.
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Question: My last date was 10th feb still am not getting my periods i have done my pregency test today morning but it was negative what is the reason
Answer: Mam wait for some more tm and check once again.if that tm negative it means ki u have harmonal issue .some tm it may happens.
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Question: Lmp was on 19th jan, today is 14th day but there is no cervical mucus occurs..wat is the reason
Answer: Ho,that's normal k there is nothing to worry,as sometimes you may not be able to notice the discharge.
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