10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Language tamil

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Answer: Hi dear surely u can get reply for ur tamil question and better u can discuss ur issue I. Tamil chat group. They will help u with their advises and experience.
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Question: how to reduce caeserean stomach. .pls help me..to low cost ways..and pls tell me in tamil language. .if it's possible
Answer: Hello dear, I don't know tamil language so I am giving answer in english. So tummy/stomach reduction after C-section may seem daunting, but we assure you, it is easily achievable with the following home remedies: Massage: The first two weeks after your C-section is a time when any complication associated with surgery will most likely arise. There is no problem with getting a post-pregnancy massage after those 2 weeks. These massages have the advantage to break up belly fat and also lose the fluids in your lymph nodes, thereby reducing your waistline. However, keep in mind to avoid the abdominal area during the initial days, and focus on the back, hands, and legs. 4 weeks after delivery, scar tissue will start to form, and your abdominal area can be massaged without pain. Move Your Body: A C-section can cut through some of your stomach muscles, resulting in a pouch of fat on your tummy. This causes stress on your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. So, it is important to wait 6-8 weeks after a C-section delivery before you attempt any aggressive exercise. One safe method you can employ is walking, as it is a low impact exercise and burns calories. Go for a walk at least 3 times a week. And you’ll notice your tummy getting flat soon. Eat Healthy: All new mothers need high energy as they are lactating. So make sure your diet is rich in carbohydrates, low in fat and with sufficient vitamins and minerals. Avoid foods like sweets and those items which have saturated fats – ghee, fried foods, butter and aerated drinks. Eat more fruits, vegetables and lean protein in your diet. Tummy Binding: This is a method which you can do only after 2 months post your C-section delivery when the incision has fully healed. In this, the tummy is tied up with a muslin cloth like a bandage, pushing the stomach in. Breastfeeding: This is one of the easiest ways to lose belly fat. Breastfeed your baby exclusively for 6 months after your C-section delivery. This will help reduce your stomach. Drink Lots Of Water: Drink plenty of water post-delivery. This will not only maintain fluid balance in your body but also burn excess fat around your waist. Yoga to Reduce Tummy Fat: You can also practice yoga after C-section to reduce tummy fat. Yoga helps tone and strengthen stomach muscles. But make sure to only start yoga 6-8 weeks after your C-section delivery. It is better to consult your doctor once before starting. Some of the yoga poses you can try to reduce tummy fat include: • Bhujanga Asana: This snake pose will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. • Pranayama: This pose will tuck in the tummy and help tighten your muscles. • Suryanamaskar: Once you learn the normal asanas, you can proceed with the Suryanamaskar, which will stretch your abdominal muscles and help lose the flab around your tummy. Abdominal Belt: One of the methods you can employ is to wear a tummy reducing belt after C-section. It has the advantages of supporting your body and regaining firmness of your belly post-delivery. But it also carries a disadvantage of hurting the incision wound in cases when the woman is overweight. You must remember that a C-section is a complicated delivery which involves making an incision deep inside the abdomen. Any wrongly applied pressure to the wound post-delivery can interfere with the healing process. Therefore, consult a doctor before trying on any such belt.
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Question: I want to Tamil language
Answer: Dear you can change the language from the top by clicking on the setting or directly on the language option. You ca n directly go to the settings and change the language from their by clicking on right corner profile icon. Hope it helps.
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Question: I want to select Tamil language how to select
Answer: you need to clear the data of Healofy app from your mobile settings and then select the language group you want to be part of. 
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