35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Labour pain kaesa hota ha??

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Answer: Pre-labor signs and symptoms that appear one to four weeks before labor:Lack of coordination in movements as the baby descends lower into the pelvic regionLoosened joints as relaxin hormone softens and loosens the ligaments and joints in the pelvic areaUrge to urinate frequently as the baby’s head presses against the urinary bladderBraxton Hick’s contractions, the false contractions that develop before the real laborCramping and pain in the lower back as the joints and muscles stretch and become active for the nearing laborDilation of the cervix, which is noted by your doctor during the prenatal checkupWatery stools as the rectal muscles begin to relax for the delivery
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Question: Mera 29 Ko delivery ha but Abhi tak koi systoms nahi ha labour pain ka I m worried kya karu
Answer: Dear not to worry, till due date you can wait.your labor pains can start at any time.only 1 in 20 babies are born on their actual due date.a normal pregnancy often lasts from 38-42 weeks.even if you pass your due date not to worry.about half of the new borns arrives late and due dates are tricky to calculate.but keep observing baby movements daily.take care and all the best.
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Question: Mera 29 march Ko delivery date ha but Abhi tak mera labour pain nahi start hua ha I m worried very much kya Karu ma
Answer: Aapko jo date diya jata hai isse 1 week pehle ya baad mai hi delivery hota hai. Aap us time mai khoob walk kijiye active rahie .
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Question: How labour pain will be
Answer: Pain will come in regular intervals,,it will not decrease...intensity will also increase with regular intervals
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