35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: L arginine l-methionine, proanthocyanidins, zinc and folic sachet for Wat purpose

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Answer: It will increase the water level in a aminiotic sac also used this my water level it means afi came to normal
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Question: Could you please advice me on below concern :- I have AFI -7cms at 36 weeks,Is there any chance of increasing water level now,I'm taking L-arginine sachet and also 3lts of water daily.
Answer: Yes dear the water level can increase with arginine. but in case the doctor is telling you to get admitted for a drip it is more better
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Question: L-arginine andagnesium citrate granules is what purpose we used...
Answer: It acts as nutrition for the baby and it also helps in increasing the amniotic fluid
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Question: L arginine sachets is given for Wat purpose
Answer: This helps to increase amniotic fluid and also improve the baby's weight
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