26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: kya pregnancy me sex krne se normal delivery k chances jyada hote hai??

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Answer: Closer to the 28th week take precautions and avoid sex, if you have to - read about safe positions and only then indulge. Depending upon your body it could or it might not take it.
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    Shanu Roy1431 days ago

    humlogo ne ab tk pregnancy k dauran sex nhi kiya h,we khnow the positions but fr v nhi kiya...bcoz of 2 reasons 1st darte hai ki kahi baby ko koi problem na ho and 2 nd mere hip bone me kvi kvi pain rahta hai..but maine suna ki 1st trimester is not safe for sex but 2nd and 3rd is ok...and 3rd me to krna cahiye for normal delivery.