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Question: kya nipple sheild lgane se nipple me pain nhi hota

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Answer: No dear not at all...incase of painful n cracked nipples u can use nipple shield. Here are some guidelines when using a nipple shield: * Sterilise the nipple shield and wash your hands thoroughly before you breastfeed. Gently rinsing the nipple shield with boiled, filtered, warm water will soften it and make it easier to put on your nipple. * Turn the shield inside out about half way and place it on your nipple. * Then place the back of the nipple shield over the areola with the tip of the shield drawn out. Your nipple should be inside the tip of the shield. * Moistening the inside of the nipple shield with breastmilk can help seal it into position. * Hand express some breastmilk to fill the nipple shield to help your baby get started. *Gently stroke your baby’s lips with the nipple shield and wait for her mouth to be open as wide as possible. Latch your baby onto the brim of the nipple shield and not just the tip. * Make sure to change your nipple shields every month. Regularly look out for any wear and tear. If the nipple shield is torn or cut, don’t use it, throw it away. Even if they still look new, there might be small cracks that can harbour bacteria. 
Answer: No dear nipple shield se pain ni hota h
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Question: Nipple sheild se feed krane se baby lip kharb hojate..mere nipple nae h...kya kru
Answer: Hi! Nipple shield se lips kharab nehi hote hain, aur baby ko nipple nehi areola (black portion) suck karna hain dudh pine k liye , toh pls baby ko proper latch karne k liye help kijiye, tab nipple shield ko dhire dhire chhudwaiye. Good luck!
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Question: how to use me me nipple sheild?
Answer: Nipple shield are advises that are used to help babies who are not yet breastfeeding normally. Sit the shield on the nipple to brim turn like a hat. Then smooth down the edges. This will help the shield stick better. Moist the edges will also hold in it place.
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Question: Can you explain nipple sheild
Answer: Hi! Nipple shield is used by the mother who has inverted or flat nipples. Its a nipple shaped sheath to be worn over the nipple during breast feeding. Nipple shields are soft, thin and flexible silicone which has holes and helps the milk to flow. Good luck!
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Question: Kya nipple sheild se baby ke lip mote hojate h. I am using 20mm sheild...cz i hv no nipples my baby cnt suck
Answer: Noooo. Nipple shield can't effect on baby anyway. Nor on moth or lips or anything else you can use as much and as long as required.
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