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Question: Helo...kya 8month me totly rest karna chaye..i cant go out in car also??..is it reli dangr ?..kya care karni chaye in 8th month??

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Answer: Hello dear 8th months is the crucial time of ur pregnancy. You will have to visit every 15 days to gynec and you should see weight increse every time you visit . Necessary ultrasound will be taken to check the baby heartbeat , movement and other the position of the baby. Precautions to be taken: 1. Check baby's movement atleast once after every 2-3 hrs. 2. Stay hydrated as u have to rush to loo frequently 3. Stop visiting outside or make less visit outside 4. Try avoiding masala and spicy foods 5. Try sleeping on ur left side
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Question: Is it nessary to go for Ultrasound in 8th month?
Answer: Yes, it is better to do scan in 8 to month as will give clear picture about the development of the baby.You will also need a scan in around 36 weeks which is very important and will help you and Dr to know the following important things like check the position of umbilical cord measure the amount of amniotic fluid check the placental position know your baby's position and weight Please don't avoid any of these scans, better u do them.
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Question: It is safe 2 go in car for 4 hrs during 3rd month
Answer: Hello... Dear in first trimester,it is advisable to avoid travel,but in unavoidable circumstances please consult doctor before travel
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Question: What care i have to take in my 8th month kindly provide me with diet and exercises for 8th month
Answer: Protein rich diet for baby weight gain and butterfly exercise+walking daily for an hour
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Question: Is it safe to travel in 8th month..in car for 4 hours.....
Answer: Yes u can but by taking many breaks. It wud help u to relax from sitting in only 1position.
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