9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: kya 10week me kathal ki sabji kha sakte hai

3 Answers
Answer: no plz don't use it ,may lead to miscarriage and also has gasiness property so may face loose motion or vomiting .its totally harm
Answer: kha skte h agr apko koi allergy ni h n thoda bht hi khana .over mt khana
Answer: no
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Question: Piles hua to methi ki sabji kha sakte hai kya?
Answer: Yes dear u cab take meethi ki sabji while piles its safe but try to take only 1 or 2 spoon only as meethi s warm in this season so Better s to taje in a limited quantity. Take care
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Question: Jackfruit KO sabji or orange Kha sakte hai
Answer: Yes dear u can take orange as we as Jack fruit. But make sure taje Jack fruit in a limited quantity once in a week nd take in day time then only its safe 4u .nf orange s safe its a big source of vit c...folic acid...nd calcium...it also a source of potassium which has been show to help lower high blood ..pressure. so its safe
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Question: Bhindi(lady finger) ki sabji kha sakte hain pregnancy mein
Answer: Yes dear its absolutely safe.. Have in moderation see to that its Fried well. Take care.
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