Question: kya kya kha sakti hu?

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Answer: First trimester meal plan- 1. A glass of milk regularly. 2. Bowl of seasonal fruits 3. Bowl of salads 4. Chapatis 5. Bowl of different types of pulses 6. Fibre rich foods like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc 7. Bowl of veggies 8. Iron and calcium rich diet 9. Avoid ajinomoto 10. No Gassy foods 11. Drink plenty of water 12. Include curd, buttermilk and fennel seeds 13. Avoid aerated and caffeinated drinks 14. Dry Fruits
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    Question: mae kya coffee kha sakti hu kabhi kabhi?? aur kya honey kha sakti hu??
    Answer: Coffee aap din mein ek cup pi sakte ho par is baat ka dhyan rakhen ki isse jyada nahi peeni hai. Honey bhi pregnancy mein safe hai. Aap le sakte ho bas is baat ka dhyan rakho ki moderate quantity mein sab kuch len. Hope it helps.
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    Question: Grapes kha sakti hu kya..
    Answer: You can eat grapes in moderation as they provide vital nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants (1), organic acids, fiber, folic acids, pectin and more, which support the biological changes happening during and post pregnancy. However, you should avoid eating grapes in the last trimester because of its heat-producing property. Excessive consumption of grapes can be toxic due to its high levels of resveratrol (2). Also, do not over consume dry grapes (raisins).
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    Question: खजूर kha sakti hu kya
    Answer: Yes you can eat two to three a day. High in iron, dates have Folate which requires for baby grwoth, high in fiber, trearts constipations, good for digestion, dates has natural sugar, helps in teeth formation, high in protein, treats anemia.
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