17 months old baby

Question: kya hum empty stomach masala oats de sakte hai plz answer

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Answer: Hello Please avoid giving processed food to babies as it contains dehydrated veggies and processed masalas. Thou it's told it's not got any preservatives it definable contains preservatives that are mild. This is very bad and can cause lots of issues in the future. Please stick to home cooked meals as long as u can. Hope I helped
Answer: Hello! hain ,empty stomach masala oats lein sakte hain Par masala oats occasionally lein. Jyada mehi
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Question: Kya Kellogs Masala oats safe hai pregnancy me
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can have oats/Masala oats. It contains fibre and vitamin E, selenium, and iron. You need fiber more than ever to keep your digestive system running smoothly. You can have a cup of oats for breakfast. Take care.
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Question: kya masala oats pregnancy me kha sakte hai
Answer:  saffola masala oats fall in instant food category since they have all dehydrated veggies etc etc...so its basically processed food. Try to consume food in natural form and not processed form. Processed form can b used while travelling if we dont have options. Instead of these, try using normal oats and make them masala style, thats healthy and really tasty.  Sometimes you can eat but not everyday
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Question: saffola masala oats aur amul chees slice chalta hai kya ?
Answer: Hello! Masala oats occasionally kha sakte hain but regular avoid karein. Hain, amul cheese slices kha sakte hain but Yeh bhi occasional because isme fat content high hota hain.
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