Few days old baby

Question: Hlo frnds kya apke hubby apke liye time nikalte h mtlb apse bat krte h mere hubby mere liye moi time ni nikalte na mere liye kuch karidd kr late h mje wo wife jaise feel ng ni aati apke hubby kaise rhte h apke sath pls tell me.

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Answer: Dear not all husband's are same While few are romantic and very open in expressing some have no clue as how to express love. Some hopeless kinds think of it as waste of time too. So what to d . You try to communicate and you be open in guiding them. I believe most of the husband only understand once you tell them. You need not nag and cry every time for attention . Thoda pyar se btao . Give subtle hints as how to woo you and do the same for your husband.