12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Kya hm kishmish kha skte h??

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Answer: Yes but black kishmish khaiye vo bhi raat ko pani me bhigo do n savere khalo.
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Question: kya hm peanuts kha skte h (mungfali) roaste
Answer: It's fine to eat peanuts during pregnancy, unless of course you're allergic to peanutsyourself. There's no evidence that eatingpeanuts, or foods containing peanuts, whileyou're pregnant affects whether or not your baby develops a peanut allergy.
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Question: Kya wallnuts and kishmish kha skte h first trimester me??
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy appar definitely nuts kha sakte ho as it is rich in nutrients specially a Omega 3 fatty acids which will help your baby's brain development. But during pregnancy you should avoid consuming kishmish and dates because both of them are high in sugar content which may cause gestational diabetes in advance stage of pregnancy if you consume it regularly. Hope it helps.
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Question: kya hm gond kha skte h. agr ha to kese kha skte h
Answer: hello dear kai log bolte hai ki gond is not safe in pregnancy .. kyun ki gond se heat ya garam hoti hai.. but gond ke ladoo / kabhi kabar kha sakte ho..no problem.. avoid eating too much anything in pregnancy
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