28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Kya hm green tea pee skte h

3 Answers
Answer: 1 cup is fine..
Answer: No
Answer: No
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Question: Hi mam, Kya main green tea pee sakte hu
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have green tea,there is no harm in having a cup or two in pregnancy,but don't have more green tea because it contain only less caffeine,apart from this it produce numerous benefits and it is also an great immunity booster,can also have herbal tea made of thulsi,pepper,ginger,lemon and honey,will be too good to have in pregnancy.
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Question: Pregnancy m kya tea pee skte h?
Answer: Jee haan aap pregnancy mein tea pee sakthe ho. Ek ya do cup peene se harm nahin hai. Magar zyada math leejiye kyonki apko dehydration ho jayegi. Tea mein caffeine hai, jo bache par buri asar padegi
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Question: I can drink green tea .....mai mere baby ku feed kartu hu kya mai green tea pee saktu
Answer: Hi Dear! Haan aap green tea pi sakti hain par qty ko.limited ralkhiye 1-2 cups mein, green tea normal tea or coffee se better hain kyunki isme caffeine thoda kam hota hain.. Good luck!
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