13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: kya black grapes kha sakte hain???

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Answer: no u can't...avoid it....papaya,pine-apple nd black grapes should be avoided.
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    Chinkee Sudhanshu Kashyap577 days ago

    thankyou so much

Answer: no
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Question: Pregnancy me black grapes kha sakte hai kya? ??
Answer: No dear, avoid kro.. If u want then hve green one but in moderate quantity
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Question: kya pregnancy me black grapes kha sakte hai
Answer: Hello! yes aap khaa skte hain but in small amount...The major problem of consuming grapes in excess amounts is they contain large amounts of resveratrol. It is a toxic compound that is dangerous for the pregnant women whose hormones are imbalanced. It leads to resveratrol poisoning that further causes many complications during pregnancy
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Question: Kya black grapes kha sakte h it's safe to eat
Answer: It is difficult to digest them during Pregnancy. So it is better to avoid them.
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Question: Post csection kounsi fruits kha sakte hain? Grapes kha sakte kya
Answer: Hi,yes aap grapes khaa saktey Hain,aapko sour fruits avoid Karne chahiyea ,rest aap sare fruits khaa saktey hain
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