23 months old baby

Question: kya 2 yr k baby ko bournvita de sakte h

6 Answers
Answer: Hello The health drinks like pediasure bonevita horlicks.are mass produced. They contain chemicals taste enhancers and alot of sugar. They are not exactly healthy. Try giving ur baby milk shakes with his favorite fruits. You can add some ghee with dry fruit powder it makes a very healthy drink with Amazing nutrient value. This will give ur baby the vitamins and minerals required.
Answer: Hello Dear start with junior Horlicks n pediasure. Yu can also give give almond pista kaju n apricot grind together make a powder n mix in milk n give to yur kiddo.. Bournvita is not recommended for two years toddlers it is for 3years +
Answer: Hi dear... Yes it's good to give bournvita to your baby... U can give it without worry
Answer: Maximum avoid packed health drink and prepare your own melat and cerials drink .
Answer: Try giving junior horlicks first coz bournvita is not for 2yeras kids
Answer: Try home made dry fruits powder
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