8 months old baby

Question: Kindly refer any baby diaper ... Which is good for one...

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Answer: Pampers premium care
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Question: Which diaper ia good for one month baby
Answer: I ve used Huggies diapers and pants both,Pampers ND mamy poko pants. For one month mamy poko pants is best bcoz it comes in size up to 3kg also.also it's up to 5kg pants r also small as compare to other brands.it fits well to the baby. I also liked huggies.diapers r better than pants but if ur using it at night u can use pants as well. I did not liked Pampers for newborn. Mamypoko pants (32ps) RS,300 Huggies pants(30ps) 220 Huggies diapers(32os) 315 Pampers 30ps 300
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Question: which diaper should i used for baby in summer season? which one is good
Answer: U can go for pampers.... also cloth diapers are a good option for summers.
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Question: hello, which diaper is good for baby
Answer: as your baby is too young .. you can go for pampers premium pant style diapers.. they are very soft and specifically designed for new born babies.. but make sure your baby don't get rashes.. do not use the diaper throughout the time.. give him f diaper free time too.. change the diaper at every 3 hrs
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