1 months old baby

Question: Kindly guide me. How can I know my mother feed is sufficient for my baby.

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Answer: When ur baby have a proper sleep ...gaining proper weight ....achieving milestones as per age and breast get lighter after feed then it means baby is having proper feed
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Question: How would i know that mother feed is sufficient for baby?
Answer: Hi! If your baby is gaining weight and has adequate amount of wet diaper there is no problem in your supply. Also keep the baby on breast and let her latch more, the more they suck the more milk your body produces. Also have a healthy diet and have plenty of water, to keep yourself hydrated. A good thumb rule to know, that helped me in the newborn days. Breastfed Babies younger than 6 weeks: 6+ pees and 3+ poops Babies over 6 weeks 6+ pees and can go up to 10 days without pooping or poop more than 10 Times a day. Good luck!
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Question: How mother can know her milk is sufficient for baby or not
Answer: Hi, below are few symptoms. First is if baby burps and doesnt cry while taking out .Your baby is feeding at least eight to 12 times in 24 hours . Breastfeeding feels comfortable and pain-free. Your breasts feel softer and less full after feeds . Your nipple looks the same shape after you've fed your baby, not squashed, pinched, or white.
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Question: How can I know feeding is sufficient for my baby. Latching is proper way how can I know
Answer: If the baby is not lacthing properly or if the stomach is not being filled, the baby will cry continously and demand more milk every now and then
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