39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: kal se mere back main aur abdominal mai aur thighs mai bohot dard hai.....its a normal....

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Answer: no.. it's symptoms of labor pain.
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    Neha Lakshit Jain1353 days ago

    same is happening with me kabhi kabhi achanak se abdominal me pain hota hai for 10 mins n left side meh kabhi kabhi back pain hota hai stomach bhi hard lagta hai what can be an reason?

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    Pritika jain1340 days ago

    these are false contraction if they are in irregular intervals.. just preparation for the labor.

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Question: I m 27week pregnant aur mere 2ono legs main bohot pain hai kia kron its normal
Answer: Hi dear, Pain in legs are due to various reasons- 1).The growing weight causes more pressure on legs. 2) During pregnancy water retention is the common issue as there is increase in bodily flow. Many a times result in swelling which causes main. 3) As the uterus grows it presses the veins around it causing pain in vagina, thighs, legs. 4) the muscles during pregnancy relaxes dye to hormonal change , often causing cramping and pain. For relief try not to stand for longer hours, dip your deers in lukewarm water, while sleeping place your feet on a pillow so that they are slightly raised from the body. A good massage can also give you relief.
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