35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Kal se mera 9th month start ho raha hai aur weight bahut kam hai so please tell me how to weight gain and m pure vegetarian

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Answer: Regularly take Red bananas, apples and glass milk.
Answer: Increase dairy product like butter cheese
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Question: Kal se mera 9th month start ho raha hai aur weight bahut kam hai so please tell me how to weight gain?
Answer: Aap thoda high calories wahi products consume karo Like cheese, panner, laadoo and protein powder 2tyms milk k sath lo baki healthy food bhi lo.
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Question: Foods to eat during 9th month to increase baby weight ,am pure vegetarian,please suggest .
Answer: Hello.. Dear in third trimester, you should have nutrious diet to meet in labor, follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include folate rich foods like cereals,legumes,grains and can also have millets too,have more fruits and vegetables in your diet Make an habit of eating healthy snack option like dryfruits,nuts,makhana,it helps in reducing your carving and also control your weight gain It is essential to have two to three litres water in a day, don't drink in large amount,sip in a small cup throughout the day will make you feel hydrated throughout the day,can also include soups,juice in your diet,have water rich vegetables like pumpkin, raddish, cucumber, bottle guard and fruits like watermelon,orange,muskmelon,Amla will help to retain water content in the body , because dehydration may leads to preterm labour and it is also not good at this stage Avoid outside food,prefer to have home made food,and also avoid packed food ,oil fried too Include lean chicken,egg, meat,which is rich in protein ,which is needed for baby's development Calcium is essential during this phase,so have two glasses of milk,curd ,paneer, and you can go for non dairy products,to increase your calcium content ,the non dairy products include ragi, almonds, Greenleafy vegetables,oranges,dried apricots,plums, prunes,soya milk ,tofu,can include this in your diet
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Question: Kya pragnancy me weight gain lazmi hota hai..? Aur knsy month se weight gain hona start hota hai..? Plzz tell
Answer: Obviously weight gain hota hai... 3 month kee baad se normally..
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Question: Mam mera baby kal se bahut kam so raha hai. Kal night me wo theek se nahi soya or morning se bhi nahi so raha hai. Kya karu.
Answer: You can give massage or give a bath before sleep time.. that helps baby to feel relax so that baby can sleep calmly
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