23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: kal din var meine mixure grinder use kya hain; isse baby ko koi problm toh nahi hogi na mixure grider k sound se? plz plz plz rply dijiye. plz

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Answer: No dear baby ko koi issue nai hoga. Your womb is the safest place for your baby and these everyday noises can't harm him
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Question: mere na lower lying placenta and beech presentation hain; koi problm hogi kya ? plz plz plz rply
Answer: Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. A low lying placenta, by itself, may not require any treatment. If it is early in your pregnancy, before the twentieth week, then there is a good chance that the placenta will shift into an upward position as your uterus expands. If the placenta stays at a low lying position but is not near enough to the cervix to be classified as placenta previa. However there are treatments to prevent the two most common complications of a low lying placenta: bleeding and preterm labor. To prevent these problems some women are placed on bed rest or limited activity. Especially activities that result in bouncing or jarring of the lower abdomen need to be avoided. Similarly some women need to refrain from sexual intercourse, or the use of rectal suppositories or vaginal douches/suppositories. The degree of restriction depends on whether or not the woman is experiencing any vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor. There are several types of placenta praevia: A low-lying placenta is near the cervical opening but not covering it. It will often move upward in the uterus as your due date approaches. A partial placenta previa covers part of the cervical opening. A total placenta previa covers and blocks the cervical opening. In breech position at 25 weeks is not a problem. Generally babies keep on changing position at this time and by 32 weeks they come head down position and it remains fixed. But if the position stays as breech then normal delivery is not possible. However, since you have low lying placenta, in that case also normal delivery will not be possible. Hence, be prepared for a csection.
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Question: Mujhe baby hiccup bohut feel hota hain,koi problm toh nhi hogi na? Baby bohut hiccup leta rehta hain din var
Answer: Hello! Koi tension wali baat nehi hain. Infact yeh acha sign hain. Iska matlab apke baby ka diaphragm develop kar raha hain. Take care
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Question: Hi mene kal grahan k Sutak k Duran 10 baje chaku ka fruits katne k liye use kiya tha toh baby ko koi problem toh nahi hoga na??
Answer: Koi problem nahi hogi dear. Tension na le. Eclipse ek natural cheez hai. Apke baby par kuch asar na hogi.
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