8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii. .. khana khane k bad chakkar aate h n weakness b lagti h Is it normal or a serious issue ??kindly guide

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Answer: It's normal... During pregnancy one feel weakness, vomiting, uneasiness and unconscious... So don't need to worry... Consult dr if vitamins supplements have not been started he will start or prescribe
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Question: Is it normal to have weakness n chakkar?
Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy me thakan aur weakness bohat common hai.subah uthte hi ek glass Pani pijiye,jisse Aapke internal organs ko freshness milegi.aap nimboo Pani honey daalke pike dekhiye.raat ko Kuch raisins soak karke rakhe paani me, subah uthte hi ye paani pijiye.subah ki bed tea ya coffee se bhi refresh feel hota hai.agar Aapke sugar aur thyroid levels theek hai toh,aapki thakaan pregnancy hormones se hai. Pure din me thoda thoda khaye,ek Baar me zyada na khaye.mitha bilkul na khaye,isse Aapka sugar level that se for jata hai aur aapko sudden tired feel ho jata hai.din me khoob Pani pijiye.seasonal fruits aur vegetables bhi le.protein zyada khaye.din me active rehne ki koshish kare.isse apka metabolism badhega aur energy levels bhi.
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Question: Hi...i m 6 week pregnent...or mujhe vomitinig hoti h bhuuk b nhi lagti or chakkar aate h sath m tiredness b
Answer: Hii I would not suggest taking any medication on a regular basis you can take the following steps.About 70% of expecting mother experience Nausea and vomiting at some point of pregnancy and more commonly in early pregnancy While i understand that nausea is an uncomfortable feeling please be assured that it is not harmful to you or your baby and infact it is considered to be a sign of healthy pregnancy. Look at the steps below to help you with the same : Avoiding foods and smells that trigger your nausea. Keeping dry biscuits such as rusk or marie by your bed and eating a couple before getting up. Allow some time for digestion, and rise slowly once you are ready. Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day instead of three big meals. Drinking less water/fluids with your meals, and instead drink them between meals. Eating more dry, plain foods such as white rice, dry toast. Sucking on hard candy. Keeping rooms well ventilated or having a fan close by for easier breathing. If neither of these are possible, take time to go outside to get some fresh air. Getting plenty of rest; Listen to your body when you are feeling fatigued, and try lying down. Sniffing ginger or lemons or drinking lemonade, which can help ease the feeling of nausea. Talking with your doctor about the multivitamin you are taking; having too much iron may cause nausea, and switching to a different vitamin could help. Asking your doctor about taking a vitamin B-6 supplement, which has proven to help nausea and vomiting. Your tiredness will only reduce if you eat .... Eat small meals but eat
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Question: I m 14week pregnant... Ky abi b chances rhte h miscarriage k.. Muje bhut dar lgta h.. Mai jyda kuch kha nai pati.. Weakness or chakkar bhut aate h
Answer: Hello dear app tention na lo miscarriage nahi hota bus three month tak app ko care karna hai This time is as tired as the last months of pregnancy. You seem to be lazy and you want to lie at one place to take a rest. This thing is completely normal. At this time, your body is producing more blood to provide placenta. In addition, the increasing of hormone also affects pregnant women’s feeling. You can feel hungry anytime and you don’t feel delicious with the dishes that you used to like. You can feel headache, dizzy or simply tired a lot. Many pregnant women have allergy with all strange smells. Moreover, in pregnancy, the size of women’s uterus will increase remarkably. This thing will make you have the feeling of urinating. Mothers need to remember that all symptoms are normal and they will reduce gradually when you enter to the second quarter. Test pregnancy in the first 3 months After testing pregnancy with 2 lines on stick, mothers need to go to the hospital or prestigiously obstetrical clinic to test pregnancy. In this time of checking pregnancy, doctor will ask you about the prehistory of your family, your prehistory of catching disease. In this time, doctor also let you know about the day that you will give birth due to the first day of the final menstruation. You can be tested about blood pressure, urine and blood if you have the risk of catching some disease. In the first 3 months, you need to test pregnancy periodically due to doctor’s appointment. Small important secrets to help the first 3 months healthy The first 3 months are the extremely important time for fetus to develop. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is setting up a scientific diet and balancing nutrients. To reduce the feeling of nauseating, you should divide into many small meals in day. Pregnant women should give up cigarette, wine, beer and carbonated drinks.  Pregnant women need to set up a scientific diet and balance nutrients. Doing exercise is extremely important thing in pregnancy. You can refer to doctor’s advice to choose the most suitable sport.  Doing exercise is extremely important thing in pregnancy. In the first 3 months, you will feel tired, so you should spend a lot of time to take a rest and sleep about 8 hours/day. The good news for mothers is the feeling of morning sickness and tiredness will disappear after the first 3 months. Therefore, you should think optimistically and keep health good.
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Question: Mujhko aaj 4 month complete ho gye h but mera tummy bilkul normal Hi h Baby feel kab se hota h Mujhko apna weight badhana h to mujhko kya khana chahiye mera weight abhi bas 48 h Mujhko bahot weakness rehti h n bhukh nhi lagti h chakkar b aate h n vomit b hoti h abhi b Nind bahot aati h jab chakkar aate h to achanak se nind aa jati h para b nhi chalta h Sab thk to h na isse baby ko to koi prblm nhi hogi na??????
Answer: Baby 6 month se feel hona shuru hota hai
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