36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Just 4 weeks more to go for delivery and im so tensed thinking if il be able to bare the pain of normal delivery. And the varginal cut that doctor does. Will they be painful?

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Answer: Normal delivery is very good for ladies nd vaginal stiches are common to all almost nd when baby came out then ur pain totally gone.... Vaginal stiches are littlebit painful bt it will recover in 10 to 15days so don't worry
Answer: Fact is fact dear it will be painful but when u will think about new life n your baby then that time it will easy for u to bear pain . strengthen your self that u can bear pain for your baby n u will..
Answer: No it is not painful we can't know about that cut pain
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Question: Is normal delivery painful..... how long the pain will last will i be able to bear the pain..... i am little tensed about thinking about the pain.
Answer: Hai, i am mom of 8 yr son, and pregnent again.. as my experience, before delivery the pain will be for 3-4 hrs.. after delivery the pain will be for 2-3 hrs.. u can walk easily after 5-6 hrs.. as u will be in medication, the painkiller tablets will reduce the pain.. hey, the happiness, the cute, soft touch of the baby will give 100 times more power to resist everything.. u plse prefer to normal delivery..
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Question: I am 8th month pregnant and wish to cut my hairs as they r too long and I am not able to handle them...is it right time to cut hairs ? Will after Delivery my hair growth will be same ?
Answer: You can definitely go for a haircut in pregnancy it's not a problem don't worry after birth your hair growth might slow down . As mine was
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Question: Hi ...i heard that mothers mental status will effect baby in womb ....i have some problems ..im always thinking about them ...im un able to stop thinking ....im so tensed ...is my baby will be fine ...
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Mothers mental status, stress all will effect baby. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to good music. Talk to people you are comfortable with. Spend some time with plants thus gives you lot of relief. Sleep well. Remember if you are happy only baby will be happy inside.Take care
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