15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Jonna roti is safe for pregnant women

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Answer: Yes, it's completely safe..Infact it's more healthy.. So go ahead..
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Question: Is popcorn safe for pregnant women
Answer: Yes. Avoid cheese flavour as it contributes to weight gain.
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Question: Dragon fruit is safe for pregnant women?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have dragon fruit. The nutrients in the dragon fruit not only ensure a healthy pregnancy but also protect your unborn baby from several birth defects and disorders. Take care.
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Question: Is papaya safe for pregnant women
Answer: good morning for pregnant womens papaya and pineapple is not safe so you should not take these fruits during pregnancy and other season fruits you can have and also make sure should take a good nutritious diet during this period.
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Question: Susten 200 is safe for pregnant women?
Answer: Hi, Susten is a progesterone supplement and is quite commonly prescribed during first trimester to avoid miscarriage due to lack of progesterone in the body.. Its better to take it vaginally as the body will be able to absorb more of it.Susten 200 is a very good medicine which can save pregnancy. Actually, during the first trimester the level of progesterone hormone continues to decrease while estrogen started to increase. If the level of progesterone drops below a certain level, there becomes high possibility of miscarriage. Bleeding and spotting during the first trimester shows the same thing. Susten 200 helps to make the level of progesterone to the optimum level and in majority of cases save pregnancy.
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