15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Jonna roti is safe for pregnant women

1 Answers
Answer: Yes, it's completely safe..Infact it's more healthy.. So go ahead..
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Question: Is Lauki is safe for pregnant women
Answer: Yes dear bottle gourd or lauki is completely safe to have in pregnancy as well so don't worry
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Question: Mother's Horlicks is safe for pregnant women
Answer: Yes it is absolutely safe..I used to have it too .my doctor though had given some protein powder which I hated .so shifited to mother's Horlicks.
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Question: Is popcorn safe for pregnant women?
Answer: Yes dear it is safe you can have it .. no issues . Tc
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Question: 150km Bike journey is safe for 34 weeks pregnant women
Answer: If you could make it by any other medium it will be good as bike journey will stress alot in your body also a little jerk will cause problem better travel by 4 wheeler.
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