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Question: Jaundice in new born babies

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Answer: Hello dear Newborn jaundice occurs when a baby has a high level of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a yellow substance that the body creates when it replaces old red blood cells. If ur baby is having mild jaundice then it can be cured itself within two or three weeks.For moderate or severe jaundice, your baby may need to stay longer in the newborn nursery or be readmitted to the hospital. Place the child in a well-lit window for 10 minutes twice a day is often all that is needed to help cure mild jaundice. Never place an infant in direct sunlight.
Answer: That is common now a days..please show your baby morning sun light..
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Question: When do jaundice disappear in new born babies
Answer: hi dear ! it should disappear in 2-3 weeks .if its still not gone after 3 weeks you will have to visit your doctor.
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Question: How to avoid jaundice in new born babies??
Answer: Hi.. Mild or moderate jaundice  will go away after 1 or 2 weeks as the baby's  body becomes able to get rid of the excess bilirubin on its own. More frequent feedings of breast milk or supplementing with formula to help infants pass the bilirubin  in their stools. Else, please follow as your doctor suggests.
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Question: How to prevent jaundice in new born babies..?
Answer: There’s no real way to prevent newborn jaundice. During pregnancy, you can have your blood type tested. After birth, your baby’s blood type will be tested if necessary to rule out the possibility of blood type incompatibility that can lead to newborn jaundice.
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