40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its 33rd week running... And i jus dont feel lyk eating anything.. Whateva i eat i urge to puke.. And all the small quantity of food i am eating is being pooped out as soon as i eat . Worried about my baby health.. Am i the only one who's going through all this?

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Answer: Avoid eating oily n spicy eat healthy foods wid lots of fruits n veggies drink buttrmilk as it will soothe ur stomach hv tender coconut water cucumber n many more water based things.....also avoid junkies
Answer: cnslt doctor
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Question: I am 3 weeks pregnant... And i dont feel lyk eating anything.... I eat 1 roti only.... Will it affect the growth of baby??
Answer: Try intaking fresh fruits and juices, vegetables and spinach for baby.. 1 roti will not give enough nutrients to baby.. So ve healthy food
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