9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its my 7 weeks n my second pregnancy...diring my 1st pregnancy i waz suff from nausea..vomiting but dis time i m not havin dis symptoms..infact vry much normal....cant even feel dat m pregnant..m little bit worried...only wat i feel dat is cold n cramps in stomach feel like period wil cum..is it normal??

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Answer: Hi dear, Each and every pregnancy is different.there is no rule for feeling symptoms.some mothers donot even get any nausea whole pregnancy while some get nausea till they deliver.and one mother can have different symptoms at every pregnancy.nothing to worry about.if your blood reports and scans appear fine nothing to stress about.and remember symptoms donot gaurentee healthy baby too.it depends on each body.
Answer: Hi Don't worry mild cramp is common in the first trimester Every pregnancy is different It is not necessary to experience the symptom It may or may not be there it depends on how your body deals with all the hormonal changes happening inside your body If you don't experience symptoms then it's good actually you can focus more on healthy eating and staying fit
Answer: Yes . Every pregnancy is different.. few will not have any morning sickness at all during pregnancy..
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Question: I have completed my 20 weeks but i m very fresh not feeling like even lazy sleepy.not nausea vomiting also..so it is normal symptoms of pregnancy??
Answer: Dear relax. The symptoms of pregnancy are general not mandatory. I personally did not had even a single symptom of pregnancy and still had a completely normal and healthy pregnancy. So relax consider urself lucky to be not having any symptom.
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Question: Hi m 4 weeks 6 days pregnant n i m not feeling any pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomiting n oll.. is dat all fine? N my last LMP was 26th april wat will be my due date
Answer: Nausea and vomiting can occur at anytime of pregnancy not necessarily in the first trimester. Jan 2 2019 is your due date.
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Question: i dont having any vomiting n nausea during my second week of pregnancy is it safe?
Answer: Yes dear not every1 has to deal with these symptoms...moreover its just d beginning
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