30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its my 30th week and the baby position is (Lie is oblique to transverse with head on right side of mother)

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Question: Baby position: Transverse lie with head towards left side means??
Answer: Transverse position means the baby is lying sideways and the head of baby is lying to the left side of mother spine. And it is a normal position and the position of baby may change by the movement. And also the baby may come in head down position. So maintain your diet well eat healthy and nutritious diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as well as walking daily for 20 minutes helps .
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Question: My baby is in transverse lie position. How to turn the baby to head down position?
Answer: Hello dear To Move baby from transverse to head down position is to get into a hands-and-knees position, an elbows-and-knees position. Spend some time in this position for a few times per day but perform this exercise only after consulting ur doctor as some exercise are not good for u.
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Question: My baby is oblique lie position is it any problem to baby and mother during delivery
Answer: Till 37 weeks is baby is oblique so there will be less chances of normal delivery. Apart from this no other problems for mother or baby.
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