30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its my second pregnancy...my first delivery is not normal its Cesarean...is my second delivery also Cesarean.

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Answer: Hi! There is no rule as such that one C-Section means the second one too has to be Csection. Please talk to your Doctod and say that you want to try for vagial birth after C-Section, which is called VBAC too. The study says maxinum of the VBAC are natural birth. However the condition still depends upon your and baby's health. Good luck!
Answer: Ok
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Question: My first delivery is Cesarean can second delivery is normal
Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can have normal delivery after c section which is known as VBAC. The most concerning risk of VBAC is uterine rupture. when the uterus tears open along the scar line from a prior C-section or major uterine surgery
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Question: This is my second pregnancy my first delivery is normal second one also normal mostly or not
Answer: Hi.. To tell you frankly, no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery. However, you can do squat exercise for 20 times at least. This exercise prepares you for labor and delivery and is good for your lower body.
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Question: its my 39week going on my First delivery was by cesarean is it true that second delivery Also happens cesarean is there chances for normaly
Answer: Hey, Having normal delivery after c sec mainly depends on the scar thickness and time period between 2 deliveries. If scar thickness is anywhere above than 4-5mm then doctor might suggest normal delivery. Otherwise generally doctor opt for c sec as no one wants to risk uterus rupture due to pressure put in during labor to deliver a baby.
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Question: Its my second delivery & first delivery was cesarean its abt 3.6yrs any chance for normal delivery nw???
Answer: Yes you can have a normal delivery as it is not necessary if the first delivery is by C-section then second should be the same. You can have a normal delivery maintain a healthy weight. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated walking daily will help and the type of delivery depends upon the position of baby at that time. So don't take stress over it and be prepared physically and mentally for both the type of delivery. Take care
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