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Question: its my 11th day today..having egg whitish discharge..does it mean ovulation has started?

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Answer: Hi dear yes such sticky discharge can indicates to the ovulation. . as well u may be suffering from mild cramping and may be ur libido has increase. All these indicates to ovulation.
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Question:  Hello mam i am having raw egg white mucus discharge, what does it mean? my lmp was 13 august.
Answer: Hello Dear white discharge is normal in pregnancy normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about but yu need to check if there is pungent smell with it and also do yu have any sort of pain in yur abdomen or pelvic region. If no then yu need to increase yur fluid intake like water, coconut water, juices n buttermilk. But if yu have smell n pain n colour of discharge is changing from white to yellow then it may be sign of infection yu need to meet yur gynaecologist immediately. Take care
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Question: My periods got started on October 11th.. when will be my ovulation day ???
Answer: It may be depends upon ur cycle length..but u sex on alternative days after ur 5th day may give good results. All the best dear
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Question: My periods started on friday on sunday morning bit brown discharge n today morning bleeding started what does it mean
Answer: Consult your dr. If its heavy bleeding then your periods might have started.. Did ur pregnancy test came positive?
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