1 months old baby

Question: Its my 22 day after delivery..bt m still bleeding. Is it normal...

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Answer: Hii this is absolutely common for breastfeeding mom. I got my period after 13 months of delivery. i consulted doctor and he also assure that it common. My baby used to have more of milk session ever after 6 months so I think this could be the reason of mine so late period.but this could be a concern if u r not feeding frequently and still u r not getting period. It could be due to ur low hb level. Then it calls for doctor appointment. Also do make sure to take precautions while having relationship with ur partner even if u r not having period. U can still get pregnant. 
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Question: Its my 22 day after delivery bt m still bleeding.... Is it normal
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is normal. Usually heavy bleeding lasts for 15-20 .Then it reduces to yellowish colour. Generally it does not stay more than 45 days after delivery. Take care
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Question: I am still bleeding.. Its my 46th day after delivery
Answer: Dear if the flow is light and slow then there is nothing to worry but if the glow is high then its better to get checked by doctor. Also take your iron calcium medicine on time otherwise this can cause weakness.
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Question: After 40th day of C-section , still my bleeding is continuing. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear bleeding do happens till 4to 6 weeks and the flow should decrease considerably but if the flow ia not reducing then do consult doctor to get checked if u r suffering from utreus infection or not.
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