7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: its my 6th week of pregnancy.. m getting too much hyper in every minor things.. sometimes without any reason m getting frustrated.. is it normal.?

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Answer: There are lot of hormonal changes going around in your body right now, hence, there will be lot of mood swings! Please don't stress about it. Try and follow these tips and they will help tremendously - a. Morning pranayam, at least for 30 Mts, b. Take walks daily and see if you can join a prenatal yoga class close by, c. Eat in every 2-3 hrs which will keep nausea in check and most importantly d. Keep positive outlook. This is the best time for your life and enjoy it fully!
Answer: Hi....mood swings are normal....m facing the same....Try to divert yourself and do the things u like ....eating ur fav food,talking to your partner,music etc....
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Question: Plz tell me i m too much frustrated. Is it allowed to masturbation in 35th week
Answer: You may have pain abdomen and contractions. Better to avoid.
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Question: In 6th month pregnancy my left leg is too much paining, what's the reason..?
Answer: While morning sickness, fatigue, and back pain are frequent complaints during pregnancy, leg and foot problems are just as common, particularly during the last trimester. Fortunately, chances are these ailments will disappear after you deliver. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to alleviate  1) don't sit or stand for a long in same position. Keeps o. Stretching ur legs in between. Walk or lay down .But avoid staying in same position for long time.  2) You should not wear too tight clothes. This makes you feel uncomfortable. It also makes your leg pain worse. When choosing clothes or socks, you should also choose the large clothing and socks. It’s better to choose cotton clothes and socks.u can also wear .U can also wear medical socks .That also reduce pressure to ur leg. 3) wear comfortable shoes and which are perfect for ur size. Wear doctors sole shoes.  4) Exercise helps promote metabolism in the circulatory system, so that excess water is not stored in your legs or hands. You can do some foot exercises yourself. The method of performing foot exercises such as pivoting feet is also very useful. This method is very simple. All you need to do is: Turn your ankles in a large circleFold your feetThen turn each toe clockwise Do this in both the right and left leg. You should exercise regularly every day 2-3 times, each time about 10 minutes. 5) go for swimming. It is also a good exercise to reduce leg pains.  6)  don't hold ur urine. It may affect our swelled body and legs.  7) drink lots of water.  8) make sure not to get overweight.  These remedy will surely help u. All the best 
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Question: I dont have any vomittings in my 6th week of pregnancy .. is it normal ?
Answer: Hi , dear its absolutely normal not all moms get vomit or any other symptoms in early pregnancy. It all depends upon how your body reacts to sudden changes. So dont worry soon you will get all the symptoms..
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