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Question: Its my 2nd trimester n i m having pain in my lower portion below utreus in right side ...any complications or its a regular pain?

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Answer: Hi dear, This kind of pain is common in pregnancy. As the fetus grows, your uterus expands beyond its usual position to accommodate it. This movement puts pressure on the abdomen, including the navel region. Over time, the increased pressure on the navel may cause pain, itchiness and discomfort. Don't worry, if you feel more discomfort you can discuss with your doctor.
Answer: Hi dear, it is completely normal and known as round ligament pain. As uterus is continuously growing it creates pressure on the adjacent muscles and ligaments which hold it these ligaments become stratches and causes pain. This is known as round ligament pain. It is very common and taking rest for sometime and drinking water can help to reduce the pain. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m having pain in lower abdomen right side.
Answer: it is common during pregnancy because of the rapid development of the baby in the first trimester and the expanding of your uterus. As everyone has told me try not to stress about it, unless there is bleeding there seems to be no cause for concern.
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Question: I dont gave any complications n having a very bad back pain infact lower abdomen pain also in d right part can i have normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear.. these pains are common when the baby ki adjusting to the position that is the pelvic area. drink more liquids. Try to walk more. You can use volini spray or oil massage for back pain. hot water bath also helps
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Question: why i m having mild pain in both side of lower abdominal in 2nd trimester?
Answer: I m also suffring in lower abdominal pain from 4th month
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