17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It's good to drink package juice (Real juice)

3 Answers
Answer: Package juice consist of preservatives and flavor essence and colour. So it may cause indigestion or infection. So it's better to avoid drinking package juice instead you can drink fresh homemade fruit juice, coconut water which helps to provide nutrients to baby
Answer: Yaa its good.. but dont drink too much ... Like u can have once in a week coz it contains lots of sugar .. and too much sugar is not good for you n baby... Better u buy fresh fruits from market and make juice at home... This will give u better results .. Take care
Answer: Package juice contains lots of artificial sugars and it should be avoided. Natural juices which are juiced in front of us is better and healthy
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Question: Is real juice OK to drink?
Answer: It will be ok to drink but fresh juices will be always better as it wouldn't have any additives. After all we want to give the best to our babies.
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Question: Cant i drink real fruit juice is it good?
Answer: Its better if you drink fresh juice as all packeted ones contain preservatives. You can drink but better avoid and drink fresh one.
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Question: is good to drink real fruit juice at pregnancy time
Answer: Prefer to have fresh juice made at home..that will be best for you and your baby
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