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Question: Its 32 days last month i had periods for only one day is that normal am i pregnant

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Answer: Hello dear.. Sometimes it is normal to have delays in periods.. reasons could be stress, new diet, imbalance hormones etc. What you can do is wait for couple of days.. And see if its coming or not and then you can take pregnancy test to confirm.. Also when women have low blood levels then there is a possibility of having less blood flow and for less days as compared to others .. all the best.. stay positive
Answer: If your blood shows pregnancy, everything is normal... Be positive and consult gynaecologist for further assistance
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Question: Hello dr...i had c section before 3 months, after one month of c section i had regular periods nxt month also hd regular periods but thzz month i had only only spotting from last four it normal..!?
Answer: it takes few months for periods to become regular after delivery it does happen little spotting or two much of bleeding after delivery . wait for a few more days if you get period when this fine and if you don't then take a pregnancy test .
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Question: Hello dr i got deliverd on last saturday 25 through normal delivery after delivery i got heavy periods for two days only after that my periods had reduced a lot only few drops per day is this is normal
Answer: it depends person to person dear. in some cases bleeding comes till one month and in some cases it gets over within a week. it all depends on your body state.
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Question: i had my last periods on 1 may my cycle is 32 days this month still my periods is late so am i pregnant???
Answer: Hi dear, Since you missed your period more than a month,it's better you wait for another week and test it the Pregnancy hormones need to rise enough to show positive could be sign of pregnancy,but better wait for another week.
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