1 months old baby

Question: Its been 1month of delivery and i am lossing weight even though m eating healthy... I am a obese person who dont lose weight easily. Aftr delivery i lost around 11kg is it normal to lose so much weight? I did not put on much weight after getting pregnant. I put on only 6kgs

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Answer: Hello dear. I would suggest you to get your thyroid tested to understand the reason of so much weight loss. Thyroid do cause weight loss and this can only be confirmed by a test. Hope it helps.
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    cheenu sha646 days ago

    I have hypothyroid and i did d tests. My tsh level is normal.

Answer: Hiusually when the baby is on breastfeeding mother tends to lose weight but as you have lost much weight it is advisable to consult to the doctor
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Question: I am not gaining weight despite eating a healthy diet and around 2000 calories a day. I am on bedrest following an emergency cerclage.
Answer: Hello dear.i would like to tell u that I was also very lean n thin .and I was so much deppresed by seing my body that I even ignored to see in mirror I was praying to lord Jesus that give me a good health and some weight. And u can't imagine I have gained 13 kgs of weight through diet before pregnancy. I use to eat small frequent diet I will share it with u In morning u take whatever breakfast u eat around 8 o clock 10- juice of spinach chukunder and tomato 12-coconut water 2- lunch 5- I used to eat sandwich ,idli sambher,poha anything gud 7- dinner 9- anything I got to eat 10- 1 glass of milk with protinex powder I know it's too much but I started doing this slowly as we eat our stomach also expands and slowly we start feeling hungry. Try this it will definitely work.
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Question: i m 7 month pregnant ...and i put on weight around 7 kg in 1.5 month ..so what should i do to control my weight and even if i m not taking any junk food or any oily fried food even though i put on so much weight so is it common or any thing else??? plz reply.....
Answer: Dear weight gain is completely normal during pregnancy moreover it's important to gain weight because it's not only your weight but babys weight Placenta weight and amniotic fluid weight is also included in your weight. A healthy weight gain in full pregnancy is 15-20kgs. And most of the weight is reduced right after delivery and rest will be reduced by breastfeeding as breastfeeding burns alot of calories..
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Question: I am in my 17th week. My currwnt weight is 80.5kg. how much healthy weight can i put on till 9th month .
Answer: Hello! Weight depends on the height also. Ideally you should not gain more than 12-15 kgs in the pregnancy. But if you were overweight when you conceived than you should try to restrict the weight gain to 10 kgs only. Hope this helps. Take care
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