4 months old baby

Question: Its been 3.5 months post my vaginal delivery. my feet is still swollen and it's paining. even if I am rest other than normal chores this pain doesn't decide at all. I am overweight. is that causing this issue. I am going to meet a gynaecologist tomorrow still any mom's faced same issue?

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Answer: Yay. I had same issues. But then doctor told me that I shd Continue my iron and calcium pills for 6 months.... I followed the things ND I m fine now. No pain at all
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    ananya baruah1046 days ago

    I had the same. I cud not evn walk n lift my baby.. now i m allryt.. my doc said to continue with calcium n iron

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Answer: No prblm.. Your baby is fine... Mostly babies are sleeping at pregnancy so he didnt move at first.. But ur cervix is short so you must take bed rest
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