2 months old baby

Question: Its been 27 days from my delivery. My baby seems to have lost weight and now she has gained weight but looking at her it doesnt seems so ,also her skin tone has reduced.Any remedies?? Do suggest

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Answer: Hi it's completely normal. Newborn lose weight round 5-8% of their birth weight, thn slowly increase. Every month they should put.half kg weight. . They are skin tone also will change. During birth it will be diffn later will be difn. Don't apply or do anything for that. They're original color will come slowly.
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Question: My baby is 47days old she has white skin tone when is born but now her fairness is changing .how to maintain white skin tone
Answer: Hi dear all baby are fair at the time of birth as they float in amonotic fluid and due to that there skin get white pink but after birth then keeps on changing thier color which get fix after 1 year of age. Baby complexion is purely depends on the genes. So plz don't get stressed with color of ur baby as it hardly matter . U just need to take care of ur baby diet for proper physical and metal growth. 
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Question: Hello my baby was 3 mnths ten days old at birth time she has qhite tone but now she is getting dark skin how to get her whute skin with naturally how can i pls reply me or suggest me
Answer: Hi dear, Baby's complexion is decided by genes.there is no way you can alter it.but you can make it look bright and healthy. Always use mild baby products.Any mild skin products can be used for baby's sensitive skin.i used Atogla body lotion and cream for my baby.it is very gentle and donot contain any chemical.Tedibar soap is also very good.spoo shampoo for hair and scalp.to make baby skin supple and healthy ,keep massaging with oil.everyday massage before bath would make skin healthy and glow.you need to eat healthy so your baby gets nutritious food through your milk.later once the baby starts solid food,you can continue to give variety of good food.
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Question: My baby when she was born her skin tone very very fair. But now day by day her skin tone is dark. I don't know why
Answer: Don't u worry about dis...it is narural by having daily massage...but if u want some home remedy for that then take some flour add half tspn termaric and 1 tspn lemon juise ...den make a dough of it and apply or rub it on ur baby's body...it will be fair soon..
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